RealTime Signs

RealTime signs are part of a regional system to help drivers make more informed decisions about their travel routes.

RealTime Signs Installed 

Five traveler information signs were installed in 2020 to help travelers get where they’re going more safely and efficiently. These signs will display traffic flow information, roadway conditions and advisory speed limits.

Two additional traveler information signs are planned in future construction phases.

Advisory Speed Signs

Monotube Advisory Speed Signs

Advisory speed signs, displaying recommended speeds based on the traffic ahead. The advisory speeds will change as real-time conditions change. These signs give drivers a heads-up to slow down before they reach a problem area—helping reduce rear-end crashes and the congestion they cause.

Travel Time Signs

Monotube Travel Time Signs

Travel time signs, which display estimated travel times to key destinations so that drivers can plan their arrival time or consider taking an alternate route.

Traveler Information Signs

Traveler information signs

Traveler information signs, which alert drivers about crashes, congestion, road conditions, closures and other traffic-related information, giving drivers the ability to make travel decisions in real time.

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