Women Leading the I-205 Improvements Project

Posted: Monday - August 8, 2022
Image of the Women Leading the I-205 Improvements Project

Image L-R: Arti O'Brien, President, Advanced Government Services, Inc; Monique Allen, President, ACMS Northwest, LLC; Bridge Wallis, Project Engineer, Kiewit; Della D. Mosier, P.E., Deputy Director, ODOT Urban Mobility Office.

The I-205 Improvements Project is the first megaproject to break ground in 45 years. This month, we’re featuring four women working on the project to learn more about their positions, background, and their perspectives on attracting more women into the transportation and construction industries.

Ensuring the safety of workers and motorists within the work zone by providing traffic control support is Arti O’Brien’s area of expertise. With 30+ years of corporate experience, Arti joined the industry because it allows her to capitalize on her passion for coaching, mentoring, and helping people.

Monique Allen obtained her passion for construction and engineering from her father. Now, as president of ACMS Northwest, LLC., Monique is capitalizing on her position to empower other women to join the industry guided by knowing there is plenty of room for all.

Bridget Wallis, project engineer at Kiewit and Della D. Mosier, ODOT urban mobility office deputy director and professional engineer, identified their interest in large-scale infrastructure projects early in their careers. Both are active within their organizations, mentoring newer female colleagues and encouraging them to seize new opportunities whenever possible.  

Thank you to these four women who are leading the first phase of the I-205 Improvements Project and mentoring other women to follow in their footsteps.

As a reminder, this project’s size and complexity will result in periodic road closures, detours and other impacts, so please sign up for text message and email alerts to stay informed, or visit TripCheck.