Needs and Benefits

Improving our economy by providing faster, safer, earthquake-ready travel on I-205.

This information reflects the most recent data available at the start of project design. In spring 2020 we saw a decrease in traffic volumes on I-205 due to Covid-19 and traffic volumes have been steadily rising since. 

Project Benefits

Reduced Congestion & Travel Times

The project reduces crashes and daily congestion by 4.75 hours each day by adding a third lane in each direction with shoulders that could accommodate future transit opportunities.

Fewer Crashes

Improved interchanges and on- and off-ramps will make travel safer, resulting in fewer crashes.

Earthquake-Ready Bridges

The Abernethy Bridge and eight other I-205 bridges will be upgraded or replaced to withstand a major earthquake. An earthquake-ready corridor will support this critical lifeline route in providing supplies and services to the region after a disaster.